Conservative elections in Congress expect victory over Iran’s previously tough US
Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, February 24 (International Observation) The parliamentary elections conservatively dispatched to victory over Iran and strengthen the United States. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Lin Iran ‘s 11th parliamentary election has not yet revealed the final results since the archeology on the 21st.The semi-official media, the Mehr News Agency, reported that existing statistics show that conservatives have mad about 200 seats out of a total of 290 seats.  Analysts point out that if conservatives finally regain Congressional legislative power with a huge advantage, it will mean that the authority of Supreme Leader Khamenei is further consolidated, and Iran’s US policy may be strengthened.  Conservatives expect a great victory Although the final result has not been announced, but only in terms of the capital Tehran, according to 四川逍遥网 Iran ‘s national television station on the 23rd, conservatives have won all 30 parliamentary seats in the region.  Liu Lanyu, a visiting scholar at the University of Tehran and an Iranian expert at Tsinghua University, pointed out that the victory of the conservatives will further consolidate Khamenei’s part and strengthen its legislative voice.  Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the Quincy Responsible Governance Research Association of the United States think tank, believes that the composition of the Iranian parliament is more conservative, which proves that the extreme pressure policy of the US government ‘s expansion after taking power has taken a counteract.  Analysts point out that because the reformist Iran ‘s policy measures over the past four years have achieved little under the influence of factors such as lower oil prices and US sanctions, the reformers have failed in this congressional election.  Some candidates of the reformists also participated in the election.One week before the vote, the Iranian Constitutional Guardianship Committee cancelled most of the well-known candidates for the reform, and a large number of voters who supported the reforms gave up voting, resulting in a turnout of only about 40%.  The Iranian nuclear issue leader is difficult to resolve. Analysts believe that if conservatives finally win in the parliamentary elections, President Rouhani, who represents the reformists, will have a harder time in the last year, and the deterioration of his internal and foreign policies may increaseBig.In addition, the results of this parliamentary election may also have an impact on next year’s presidential election.  Liu Lanyu believes that after the conservative representative parliament, Rouhani may have to take a tougher external stance.  The withdrawal of the United States from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in 2018 and the resumption of sanctions against Iran subsequently led to continued tension in US-Iranian relations.In January this year, US air strikes killed senior Iranian general Suleimani.One day before the vote in this congressional election, the US Treasury sanctioned five members of the Iranian Constitutional Guardianship Committee on the grounds of alleged interference in the free elections of Iranian antiques.  The United States “New York Times” commented that Iran is currently facing a continuous confrontation with the United States and internal economic difficulties due to US sanctions. In this case, a more conservative parliament may make Iran’s US policy tougher.It also makes it less likely that the United States and Iran can resolve the current crisis through negotiation.(Participating reporters: Liu Chen, Liu Pinran) Original title: Conservatives in parliamentary election conspired to defeat Iran before becoming tougher against the United States