Women’s kidney deficiency infertility diet 3 prescriptions

Symptoms of Kidney Deficiency: Late menstruation, low volume, pale color, dull complexion, sore waist, soft legs, apathetic libido, clear and long urine, and unfavorable stool.

The tongue is pale and white, and the veins are thin or heavy.

  Dietary prescription: Fried rice shrimp with rice wine: 400 grams of fresh sea shrimp, 250 grams of rice wine, vegetable oil, spring onion, and ginger.

  Wash and remove the sea shrimp, add rice wine, and soak for 10 minutes.

Add vegetable oil to a hot pot and bring to a boil, then sauté the spring onion, add shrimp, salt, and ginger until they are cooked.

50-100 grams once a day, suitable for those with insufficient kidney yang, cold limbs, and apathy.

  · Aphrodisiac dog soup: 2000 grams of dog meat, 30 grams of rabbit silk, 15 grams of pieces, 5 grams of salt, monosodium glutamate, light green, ginger, and wine.

  Wash the dog meat, boil the whole piece, boil it thoroughly with boiling water, remove it into cold water, wash blood water, dry the water, and cut into long squares.

Wash the ginger and shallots, slice the ginger, and cut the shallots into sections.

Set the pot on the fire, add dog meat, ginger slices, stir fry, and fry into the Shao wine cannon pot, then pour into the large pot together, at the same time, wrap the rabbit silk, the attached pieces with gauze, put in the pot, addClear soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, light on white, boil on Wuhuo fire, cover with foam, cover, and simmer for 2 hours until the meat is stewed until cooked. Pick out ginger, light on white, adjust the taste, 10 servingsto make.
1 time per day, 1 serving each time, eat on an empty stomach in the morning, especially in winter, it is suitable for those with infertility syndrome of kidney yang deficiency.

  · Red wolfberry blood: 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 live catfish, scallion, shallot, sesame oil, Shao wine, pepper, ginger, salt, MSG amount, 50 g lard, 75 g vinegar, 250 ml milk soup, clear soup750 ml.

  Clean up the live catfish, remove the internal organs, blanch it slightly with boiling water, wash it with cold water, and place it every 1 side on the side of the fish.

5 cm wide cutter.

芫荽 Wash and cut the knots, cut the onions into filaments and flowers, put the lard in a spoon, boil on a fire, add pepper, green onions, and ginger in order, and then add the clear soup, milk soup, ginger juice, and wine.MSG, salt, at the same time put the fish in a boiling water pot for 4 minutes, take it out and put it into the soup pot, wash the wolfberry with water, and place it on the fire, then boil it for 20 minutes, add scallion, and stir-fryServe with vinegar and sesame oil.

This product can be served with meals once a day and should be eaten often.

Applicable to those with infertility syndrome of kidney yin deficiency.