[Is the crab lowering fire]_Go to fire_Will it

Crab is a common aquatic product. It is the best season to eat crabs during the golden autumn season. Especially, the crabs have very high nutritional value and are very delicious.It belongs to a kind of cold food, it does have a certain effect of reducing fire, but if the stomach is weak, try to eat less at this time, let’s take a look at this content.

Crab fire, can you eat crabs?

There are many factors that lead to fire. Diet is only one of them, and food that is considered to be hot can be eaten properly during the fire. As long as it is matched with cold food, can it be consumed after neutralizing its heat?It will not aggravate the phenomenon of fire, so don’t be too taboo about food.

The same is true for crabs, not to mention that crabs are still cold foods, and of course they can be eaten when they get angry.

Is it possible to lower the fire by eating crabs on fire? Crab crabs are cold food in dietary attributes. Friends who are on fire can lower the fire by eating crabs, which is helpful for the treatment and recovery of fire.

In addition, crabs are delicious, and have appetizing and healthy food effects on the poor appetite caused by fire.

Why do some people eat crabs and get angry? Crabs are cold in theory, but in theory, some friends report that eating crabs is getting angry. What is going on?

In fact, this is not a problem of the crab itself, it is too much sauce when eating crab.

Many people eat crabs with sauces. Some of the sauces are salty, some are spicy, and some are hemp. These sauces are more irritating to the mouth. Too much food will naturally cause the mouth to get angry.

Notes on eating crabs on fire 1.

You can eat crabs when you get angry, and you can alleviate the symptoms by eating crabs.

However, you need to adjust the lightness when cooking crabs, and avoid spicy crabs.

Especially for people with oral ulcers, eating this kind of crab can easily aggravate symptoms.


It is necessary to pay attention to eating crabs when the fire is accompanied by oral ulcers. In this case, you must ensure that the crabs are fully cooked to avoid drunk crabs and other raw crabs, so as to avoid infection by bacteria or parasites in the crabs.

Also, it is not recommended to bite the crab shell when eating crabs with mouth ulcers. It is best to use pliers to open the meat directly. Avoid hard crab shells from scratching the mouth ulcers, aggravating the ulcer symptoms or causing new ulcers.


Crabs are cold and can be eaten by people who get angry, but friends with a cold spleen and stomach should eat less crabs, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of spleen and stomach cold and cause physical discomfort.


If you have a mouth ulcer on fire, eating light crabs will have a fire-reducing effect on the ulcer and it will be good for the treatment of oral ulcers.

However, it is not advisable to consume too much. Eating too much can easily cause energy and excessive dialysis, but it may also cause oral ulcers.

Therefore, those with oral ulcers can eat crabs one at a time.