[Pregnant July eight treasure porridge with barley]_ late pregnancy _ what to do

Pregnant women have their own dietary requirements.

However, most pregnant women are advised to eat more nutritious foods.

The seventh month of pregnancy has reached the third trimester, so the diet at this time is very critical. If pregnant women can eat nutritious foods, they can supply vitamins in the body.

Let the fetus grow up healthy, so the diet of pregnant women is very important.

So is it possible to have indica rice in Babao porridge in July?

Can pregnant women eat barley rice? Barley rice has a lot of benefits for women. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish lungs and heat, go to the wind to win over the wet and nourish, look at the body, and extend the body weight.A plant that is homologous to medicine and food, Chinese medicine believes that it is smooth and smooth. Indica rice has an stimulating effect on uterine smooth muscles and can induce uterine contraction. Babies may induce abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should use indica rice carefully.

Pregnant women are a special group. The pregnancy period is a special physiological period. The fetus is all the nutrients needed for development. It has to be provided by the mother. The pregnant woman needs to store nutrients for delivery and secretion of milk. The pregnant woman must absorb herself and what she needs.All nutrition, rapid growth and development in the second trimester, the nutritional requirements are also greatly increased, and there can be no contraindications. When choosing food to supplement, you must be scientific and reasonable, and you should not eat blindly, especially the food that is fasted should not be eaten in disorder.If discomfort occurs, you must seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and rice should be used with caution for pregnant women.

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat barley. Barley is mainly used for water leakage and spleen strengthening, but barley has the effect of exciting the uterus. It is not recommended for pregnant women to avoid abortion.

Ingredients or drugs with a damp effect can increase urine output, urinate unobstructed, and eliminate water trapped in the body.

The harmful effects of this type of drugs or ingredients on pregnant women are: they will aggravate constipation during pregnancy (depending on the degree, there is generally no special disadvantage), pregnant women who are hit should not eat.

In addition, diuretic leakage medicine is generally cold and hurts the spleen and stomach, so it should be taken less during pregnancy.

Rice is slightly cold, the coix seed oil contained in it has an excitatory effect on the uterus, and it is easy to cause abortion if you eat more, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.