[Rainbow Juice Practice]_Homemade Rainbow Juice Practice _Rainbow Juice Practice Daquan_How to Make Rainbow Juice

Friends often come to visit, but you take them out for dinner again and again, isn’t it very impolite?

What’s more, it would be healthier to eat at home.

So, for friendship and health, you have to master some cooking skills.

So, let ‘s learn with me if I make rainbow juice 1 well.

Three brightly colored fruits, starfruit, orange, and watermelon were selected as raw materials. They are all the bases of vitamins and various trace elements.


First we use the juice machine to squeeze the juice separately.

Because the fruits used today are relatively soft, we choose the “soft ingredients” category.

For mothers to squeeze juice for their babies, it is best to choose an original juicer without a knife net, so that the fruit is not easy to oxidize, can lock nutrition more completely, and retain a certain amount of fruit fiber in the juice, which helps to exercise the baby’s gastrointestinal function.

Carambola is squeezed into juice. Carambola contains a lot of sugars and vitamins. It is often fed to babies to supplement nutrition and enhance the body’s disease resistance.


After washing the juicer, squeeze the orange juice and watermelon juice separately. In addition to being rich in vitamins, oranges can also be supplemented with cellulose and pectin substances, which can promote interference with peristalsis, facilitate bowel cleansing, and are very good for baby constipation.

Watermelon contains lycopene, anthocyanins and iron, which can promote brain development and make your baby’s complexion look more ruddy.


For the perfect layering effect of the juice, I also need to prepare a little fresh cream6.

Pass 7 with a handheld blender.

Fill the table with fresh whipped cream and bag it for use8.

Because the baby’s food is limited, we don’t need to squeeze too much juice, a small cup of some fruits is enough.


Next is the moment to witness the miracle. Let’s achieve the layering effect of the rainbow juice-as long as they follow the stirring rod, mothers without the stirring rod can use ordinary straws instead.

Pour the star fruit juice 10 first.

Slowly and evenly whipped cream breaks through the cup wall and fills a whole layer11.

Next, the orange is slowly poured into the 12 through the straw.

In the last layer, gradually inject watermelon juice 13 through a gradual straw.

In this way, the rainbow juice is made!


We can also decorate the juice and have some summer flavor.

How can babies not love such a colorful, refreshing juice?

The world is so big, there are so many restaurants, and the taste of rainbow juice is naturally a lot.

But there is no one taste that can be the same as your own, so hurry up and try it.