[Pregnant woman eats delicious duck neck_Pregnant woman eats delicious duck neck]

It is believed that many people have eaten the duck neck, especially some young people like it, the taste is very unique, and there is obvious spicy taste. If it is a normal person, occasionally eating some duck neck is not harmful, but it can also increase appetite, butFor women during pregnancy, they have to be extra cautious about eating. At this time, it is best not to eat the duck neck.

First, can pregnant women eat delicious duck neck? Pregnant women should eat delicious duck neck as little as possible.

First, the duck neck has accumulated a lot of toxins on the duck. It is said that the toxic lymph glands, if not cleaned up during production, will be a huge carcinogenic factor. Second, the taste of the duck neck is spicy, heavy, and there are many chemicals in the production processAdditives, long-term consumption have health effects and are not conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

Spicy and irritating foods are forbidden during pregnancy, which can easily lead to fire and constipation, which is not good for adults and fetuses.

In addition, most lo-mei products are also added with nitrite, which is one of the carcinogenic factors.

The spicy duck neck sold outside generally contains hot spices. Pregnant women eat hot spices such as cumin, star anise, peppercorns, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, paprika, etc., which easily consume water and reduce adenosine secretion, causing indirectDry and constipated.

After constipation occurs, pregnant women hold their breath to relieve constipation, increase abdominal pressure, compress the fat in the uterus, and easily cause adverse effects such as fetal movement and premature birth.

The spicy duck neck also contains MSG.

The main component of MSG is sodium glutamate. Zinc in the blood is excreted from the urine after it is combined.

Too much monosodium glutamate consumes a lot of zinc, which leads to zinc deficiency in the body.

Zinc is essential for food growth and development, so pregnant women should eat less.

Second, what is the effect of pregnant women eating the delicious duck neck? It is easy to get constipated. There are more pigments and Chinese herbs in the constipated duck neck, and certain preservatives, peppers, peppers, spices, etc. are also easy to get angry.May cause constipation in pregnant women and is not conducive to fetal development.

Easy to edema The duck neck will be cleaned and soaked in the prepared seasonings. Most of them are marinated products, heavy salt and seasoning. Prospective mothers are susceptible to edema.

It is easy to cause bloody hypoxia brine containing a large amount of nitrite. Nitrite is a strong oxidant. When it enters the human body, it leads to the oxidation of methemoglobin in the blood to methemoglobin, loss of oxygen transport capacity, and easy to cause bloody hypoxia.

Duck neck that affects the particle size and develops heavy taste will make expectant mothers more constipated, as too many seasonings and additives will affect the normal development of oxides.

Third, pregnant women eat duck necks properly with vegetables and fruits. Eating too many spicy foods during pregnancy will cause a anger. You should eat more vegetables and fruits.

It is easy to lose your appetite during pregnancy or you want to eat a certain kind of food in particular. At this time, you only need to eat it appropriately, remember not to overdo it.

However, it is recommended not to consume it when the baby is developing during the first trimester.

Expectant mothers should eat less vegetables as a principle. They are really talkative, but occasionally eat once or twice.

Duck necks that are safe and hygienic to eat may have hidden health hazards in the preparation of marinades and other sauces. Prospective mothers should choose to buy them at a distance.

The key to diet during pregnancy is not partial eclipse, but not too much, a broader diet, eat more high-protein high-quality protein foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so that nutrition is balanced.

For foods that are eaten with caution or not, expectant mothers should also eat as little as possible.