Libya’s capital airport forced to close for hours after being hit by rockets

Xinhua News Agency, Tunis, January 22 (Reporter Pan Xiaojing) Tripoli news: The Tripoli International Airport in the Libyan capital was hit by rockets on the 22nd and was forced to close for several hours.

The Armed Forces National Army announced on the same day the reopening of a no-fly zone in areas around Tripoli.

  The military of the Libyan National Unity Government issued a statement on the 22nd that the National Army fired six rockets at Mitiga International Airport that day, posing a threat to air traffic and violating the ceasefire agreement.

The airport resumed flights after several hours of closure.

  At the same time, the National Army announced that Ahmad Mismaili announced at a press conference in Benghazi Antiques in eastern Lebanon that the National Army restarted the no-fly zone established around Tripoli that night, including Mitiga International Airport andThe air force base of the airport.

  Mismaili condemned the Lebanese Government for using the Mitiga International Airport to transport weapons and terrorists.

He also said that the National Army shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Liberal Government Army on the 22nd.

  On November 23, 2019, the National Army announced the establishment of a no-fly zone in the area around Tripoli.

Any flight in the no-fly zone without prior consultation with and permission from National Army leader Haftar will be banned.

On January 11 this year, the National Army announced that as long as the Libyan National Unity Government army complies with the ceasefire, the National Army will stop military operations in western Libya, including the lifting of the no-fly zone, at 00:00 on the 12th.

  Mitiga International Airport was originally Libyan Air Force Base.

After the Tripoli International Airport was closed in 2014 due to the destruction of the internal conflict, Mitiga Airport was opened to civil aviation and became the only airport in the Li Capital region in operation.

Original title: Rocket attack on Libyan capital airport, “National Army” 天津夜网 announced to restart “no-fly zone”