[Efficacy of Barley Hawthorn Tea]_Functional Effect_Effect

Hawthorn is a thing that many people like to eat when they are young, especially many family members like to eat hawthorn for their children, because hawthorn has the effect of appetizing and spleen, children eat more hawthorn can make children’s appetite better, eatThere will be more meals.

Now some people like to dry the hawthorn and drink it with hawthorn tea, and adding some barley to the hawthorn is also a good choice.

So what is the effect of barley hawthorn tea?

As everyone knows, hawthorn is a food that can strengthen the spleen and appetite. It can promote appetite and improve immunity.

There are many ways to eat hawthorn. Let’s take a look at the specific method of making barley hawthorn tea. It can have the effect of reducing fat, spleen and stomach, and promote metabolism.

Nutritional value: After eating greasy food, when indigestion, excessive people need to lose weight Suitable crowd: patients with spleen and stomach discomfort, obese people are contraindicated: menstrual period female barley hawthorn tea 5 grams of dried hawthorn, 8 grams of barley tea, Chenpi 2The method of brewing 1 grams of barley hawthorn tea 1 replaces 5 grams of dried hawthorn, 8 grams of barley tea, and 2 grams of tangerine peel.

2 Put all the materials in the cup, pour boiling water and cover the lid. After about 5 minutes, you can suffocate.

The effect and effect of barley hawthorn tea Hawthorn reduces weight, strengthens the spleen and appetizing, and prevents colds and other effects.

Barley has the effects of spermatogenesis and thirst, irritability and soothe.

Chenpi has the effects of resolving phlegm, relieving cough, and nourishing the stomach.

Barley hawthorn tea can effectively degrease, promote digestion, and strengthen the spleen and stomach, and has the effect of reducing fat and weight.

If you often have indigestion or have a bad spleen and stomach, choosing this kind of tea is a good choice. It can have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and it can also help digestion.

Everyone knows how to make hawthorn tea and its effects. What can be ground is that the nutritional value of this tea is still relatively high. In normal times, we can choose more of these drinks. Barley hawthorn tea is good for spleen.Jianweixiaozhi for weight loss is of great help to your health.