[Potato rubbing method]_how to do _ making method

There is a kind of food in Shanxi that has a variety of methods, but it is very delicious. That is potatoes. Today, we introduce a method of potatoes, “frying and rubbing.” Some places are also called “gulei”, “yam balls”, “noRotten child. ”

I believe most people have eaten it, and people who have eaten it generally praise it.

So today I will give you a general idea of rubbing potatoes.

Peel the potatoes first, wash them, and use a wiper to shred them, slightly thicker.

There is no need to immerse in water. In other methods of potatoes, water is generally immersed to remove starch.

Mix raw flour on the shredded potato shreds, and stir the flour while spreading the flour. Slightly dip the potato shreds into the flour. When you stir the potato shreds by hand, the potato shreds are thin and not sticky.

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and boil it. Place the steamer in a cage cloth and spread the mixed potato shreds on the cloth. Cover the pan with medium heat and steam for about 15 minutes.

Pour the steamed wipes into the basin, which is a big ball at this time. After drying a little, use a chopstick to pry it out.

Pour the oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, pour the spring onions, pour the rubbed and stir-fry, add an appropriate amount of salt, and season the soy sauce.

Paired with porridge and pickled vegetables, it was delicious.

3 potatoes, high-gluten flour, pepper, salt, tomatoes, 2 eggs, ginger and vinegar, 1 method. Peel potatoes, then use a grater to shred 2 and add salt and pepper.Mix the flour and flour, then sprinkle 3 times in this way, the high-gluten flour, 4 steamers, boil on high heat, steam for 15-20 minutes on medium heat, it is best to use a stainless steel basin or plate to steam, heat quickly, and easy to cook tomato hot and sour soup: 5 Slice the tomatoes, then in a hot oil, use a ginger pan, add the tomato slices, stir fry 6 and pour in an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then beat the broken eggs with chopsticks to the side of the bowl, leaving a small mouth, thenThe egg liquid flows down. Add a small amount of vinegar and sugar to the floc. If you like spicy, you can add pepper oil and potato rub as the staple food, eat with tomato hot and sour soup, and steam it with vegetables.Tips The amount of flour is based on personal preference but it is best served with hot and sour soup. If you are afraid of spicy, make a little sour soup.

For example, tomato soup with fungus tofu, tomato and egg soup, daylily egg and cucumber soup.