Why warm up before practicing yoga?

An important reason to warm up before practicing yoga is that it allows you to focus on your breathing and increase the amount of oxygen you inhale through deep breathing to strengthen your body and prepare you for yoga.

These warm-up exercises can also wake up the body in the morning or calm down at the end of a busy day.

  The blood circulation at the end of the body can also be improved by warming up, which is helpful for feeling the gradual progress of the body posture.

Warming up also helps the body to pose more easily and prevent physical harm. In addition, it can reduce the stiffness of the body after practicing yoga, because increased oxygen supply and circulation can reduce lactic acid produced by the muscles.

  The biggest benefit of warming up is that we can better perform yoga movements and have a stronger awareness of the placement of our bodies. This process helps the brain focus on the yoga postures to be practiced.

  You will find warm-up exercises a great relaxation exercise and can be done at any time of the day and anywhere.

  For example, simple contractions can be performed in the office or on the plane during a flight. These actions can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, and stimulate blood circulation and enhance vitality.

  The routine for warming up can be either a salute to the sun or a set of activities, exercises of various parts of the body, from head to toe.

You generally don’t have that much time to do all the moves in one exercise.

We announce that after you try to adjust, you find the action you feel you need most.