“Beauty teeth” in TCM beauty

Beautiful teeth include clean teeth and solid teeth.
Tooth cleaning is to clean the dirt and to keep the teeth white and clear or to improve the yellow and black teeth. Tooth cleaning is to strengthen the teeth by tonifying the kidney and strengthening the essence, nourishing the yin and nourishing blood, clearing the heat, and making the teeth firm or firm.The loose, swollen and swollen teeth are firm and shiny.
  The theory of Chinese medicine believes that “tooth is the gateway to the viscera”. Tooth is the first important organ of the human digestive system. It plays the role of grinding grains and assisting digestion. It is also an important portal to control vocalization.
Therefore, the beautification of teeth has been attached great importance to by medical scientists of all ages.
  [Prevention]① Pay attention to oral hygiene, develop good oral hygiene habits, adhere to brushing your teeth every morning and evening, adopt the correct brushing method, and choose toothpaste containing calcium fluoride formula.
Always rinse your mouth after meals three times a day.
Eat as little snacks as possible.
  ② Don’t eat too thick.
Appropriately eat some foods with high fiber content and foods with a certain hardness.
Take in moderate amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, not too much.
  ③ Avoid excessive labor and prevent injury to the kidneys.
  ④ Avoid smoking and various pigments, drugs, mercury and lead chemicals damage the teeth.
  ⑤ Those who have teeth, tooth diseases or defective teeth should go to the hospital for treatment in time.
  ⑥ often carry out health care, tooth decay.
Massage the heel with your hands every morning and evening for 3 ~ 5min.
Calyx teeth match 30 to 50 times.
  [Aesthetic Appraisal]”Yong Li Ling Fang” said: “The device of self-help, the teeth are the most labor, can be eaten for life, no less blunt, this is also magical, the ancients every time the salt soup rinsed and pecked, also sanitaryRoad also.
“It can be seen that the ancients have long attached great importance to the health of their teeth.
Teeth whitening and bodybuilding are not only important for the digestion and absorption of food, but also have a great impact on facial beauty.
The signs of beautiful teeth are neatly arranged, white, shiny and firm.
Due to teeth, gum disease, aging of the body, improper maintenance and other factors, abnormal changes in teeth are caused, such as yellow and black teeth, dry paper, openness, shaking, exposed roots, swollen gums and missing teeth.
This not only destroys the beauty of the face, but also brings inconvenience to social activities, and seriously affects the digestion of food, so it cannot be ignored.
The “beauty” technique in TCM beauty, with its unique internal and external treatment, can eliminate the abnormalities of teeth and gums caused by various factors, and restore or maintain strong and white teeth. It is a healthy tooth method that is worth learning from.