[How to make jujube corn flour cake]_Home-made practice of jujube corn flour cake_How to make jujube corn flour cake_How to make jujube corn flour cake

Many people may find it difficult to cook. In fact, it is not difficult to make delicious, delicious, and delicious dishes. As long as you master the methods, the method of jujube corn flour cakes is fine.It is particularly simple and requires few cooking skills. It is suitable for regular eating.

1. Soak the pancakes with water 2. Then add flour, egg sugar, jujube puree, add water and noodles 3, and stick them to the picture, then touch a bit of water on the surface to prevent the dry skin from being fermented in a place where it can be fermented.Add baking soda and noodles to reduce or even the red road will appear. After adding the noodles, touch the oil on the bottom of the pan and add noodles. After waking up for about 10 minutes, cool the pan and open the pot for 20 minutes. Remember to make sure that you are ready to cook the jujube corn flour cakeOtherwise, it is easy to stick to the pan, which affects the hue of the food and affects everyone’s appetite.

Put some pepper and sour vinegar according to personal taste.