[Can congee be eaten with condiments]_ 豆豆 _ 月 月 期 _Can I eat

The confinement period is due to the post-natal recovery period for women, and the diet should follow the principle of a nutritious diet.

Beans are a kind of vegetable with rich nutrition. Women can also eat beans during confinement. Because beans are rich in toxins, they must eat cooked beans.


Confinement can eat beans.

Because beans are very nutritious, eating more legumes will be very good for your body.

However, it should be noted that the bean beans themselves carry certain toxins, and the mother during the postpartum confinement period must eat cooked beans.


Long bean carbohydrate is rich in nutrition, can nourish and replenish the body, can also regulate the stomach, and prevent postpartum constipation.

Stir-fried long bean, long bean roast, long bean and tomato are all suitable for the postpartum mother’s body conditioning, but don’t forget to put less oil and salt when cooking.


Confinement can eat long beans, in addition to pepper, garlic, leek, garlic moss, garlic seedlings and other spicy things in the confinement, you can eat a small amount of food, fresh fish and shrimp, various vegetables.

 Cowpea provides high-quality protein eggs that are easy to digest and absorb, moderate amount of glucose and multivitamins, trace elements, etc., which can supplement the body’s signature nutrients.


Confinement can eat cowpea, cowpea itself has certain toxins, and postpartum mothers must eat cooked cowpeas.

Mummy without appetite and poor digestion is best not to eat. On the whole, mothers should not eat more cowpea.

Some people say that the bean curd has the effect of returning milk. It does have one point. As long as it is consumed in moderation, it can be eaten, which should have little effect.